The Fossa

The fossa cheese is a niche product because it is created by following three important rules: only spring plain cheese, three months of seasoning of cheese and pitting the cheese only in august, once a year.

To paraphrase Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, you could say that cheese spends a purgatory sleep to get rid of water, salts and fats. Then it rises again from the pit to a new life and gives the palate lots of flawors and aromas!

The nutritional characteristics of the Formaggio di Fossa are guaranteed by low fat, precious enzymes of the excellent seasonig (from May to August) and long fermentation (from August to Novemeber).

These characteristics make it easily digestible and suitable for any diet: from teenagers to athletes, from elderly to everyone and every sedentary or intense lifestyle. The flavor is really intense, delicate and not aggressive (it received the denomination “Agreable” at Salone del Gusto in Paris).

It returns to the Formaggio di Fossa its original value, the one of the grounds in Mondaino, and makes the cheese a special food for every special moment. It’s ideal for the perfect body shape, for meditation and relax, and it has aphrodisiac suggestions not be ignored.

Formaggio di Fossa is also characterized by a logo that sums up the characteristics of the local territory: a wonderful sun, seems like a flower whose center is a seasoned cheese, with a characteristic straw yellow color.

The green background indicates the tasty grass on which the flocks graze in spring. The milk used for the cheese of Porta di Sotto it’s that one of April and May, when sheeps graze and absorb the most energy the sun gives to the nature.

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