Fermented goat

The pit 2011 was born the “Fiemmazz de Foss”, obtained by burying seasoned goat cheese from the Val di Fiemme (Trento): a product UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, which is forcing the attention of experts, caterers and especially sports.

According to the statement made by ch.mo prof. Pier Luigi Rossi, one of the leading experts in the field:

Fiemmazz de foss goat can be a great snack between meals because they are more ready absorption of energy and more digestible. Very suitable before and after every effort locomotor activity or in the gym, due to its short-chain fatty acids in the presence of acid and taurine. It also has wholesome actions with regard to hygiene and intestinal health, reducing blood pressure, improving the tone and mood of sleep, the action against Candida albicans.